Religious Tourism

Here in Nick, One of the main features of Orthodoxy is religious tourism. This type of tourism flourishes in Greece  as well as other Orthodox countries. But what is religious tourism exactly? In a few words we can describe it as  a spiritual journey that helps us find new spiritual and enlighted roads through sharing common experiences and beliefs.

Greece is a pole of attraction for religious tourists. The reason is that Greece is one of the most famous religious tourism destinations in the whole world. Every chapel, church, temple or monument you can find is a piece of art. Most of the time churches and monasteries are from the Byzantine era, but there are many even older that that, and there also temples and monuments from other religions too. All that combined with the well know beauty of Greece they create a magical landscape.

Two of the most known religious areas are: Meteora in Thessaly, and Agio Oros (also knows as Mount Athos) in Chalkidiki.