Delphi – Meteora tour ( Three days )
DEP.:08.30am – RET.:19.30pm (3rd day)

1st Day: We drive through Thebes, Livadia and the beautiful village of Arachova, located on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, until we reached Delphi. There we’ll visit the archaeological site along with the museum. We have dinner at Arachova and back to Delphi where we stay for the night.

2nd Day: We pass through the towns of Amphissa, Lamia and Trikala with final destination for the day the town of Kalampaka.

3rd Day: First thing in the morning we visit Meteora. The landscape is majestic, ageless monasteries, guarding priceless historical and religious treasures, stand suspended between sky and earth, on top of the gigantic rocks. Then we begin our way back to Athens, through Thremopylae, where we’ll make a short stop to admire the Statue of Leonidas, and Kamena Vourla.